Olesya Sarajlic

PhD Candidate, Nuclear Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy




Earth's Cosmic Ray Shower Simulation

The work conducted at Georgia State University is focused on seasonal muon and neutron flux variations and correlation between cosmic ray flux and Earth’s dynamic weather patterns.


Cosmic Ray Detectors

At Georgia State University, multiple cosmic ray particle detectors have been constructed to measure the flux and energy distributions of the secondary cosmic ray particles. 



World Neutron Monitor Database

Neutron monitors are ground-based detectors designed to measure high-energy charged particles striking the Earth's atmosphere from distant corners of the Universe.


Online Resources

Online resources and database page provides the links for data that is available for download for cosmic rays, Earth's atmosphere and air conditions, space and solar weather.


HPC Resources

Orion High Performance Computing resource along with Galileo Computing Cluster are available for the batch job submission of the Cosmic Ray Shower Simulation.